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Moms Can, Inc., is a not-for-profit company.  We’re social entrepreneurs, our mission is to inspire moms everywhere, by providing them useful collaborative information through our supportive online environments. 

We know mom’s are strong, resilient successors that come from all types of back grounds. Many of the single mom’s that receive support from our Moms Can Grow Fund are the survivors of a lost love one, widows, divorcees  or young ladies just starting out on their life journey.  Learn More: Single Mother Statistics That Will Shock You. Click Here.

We’re micro-influencers whose authentic recommendations can actually be trusted by single mom’s.

Partnered with the Be Remarkable Group, Inc., we’re building a lifestyle magazine and online community (under-development), aimed to engage and support the special needs of moms, while enhancing their valuable participation in our communities. 

The Moms Can online magazine & community websites will serve as a personal gateway, helping mom’s learn new ways to bring benefits and value to their families while contributing to our community at-large.

We help single moms discover new opportunities that enhance their personal growth.  

A portion of our profits are allocated to developing the Mom’s Baby Bag Project  & Moms Can Funding Circle. In addition, scholarships will be awarded to ambitious single mom’s who are seeking to attend accredited skill training programs or an institution for higher education. 

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We believe personalization is essential, because loyalty requires a connection, not just a click.

We welcome the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals, for-profit and nonprofit organizations seeking to engage with and inspire young moms.

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